Mar 212010

While standing in the road having a conversation, one of my friends lit a cigarette.  Just struck me as ironic that she should have money in her hand.

I processed this by first doing auto levels in PSE, then I used the Sponge to Saturate the burning end of the cigarette and the nicotine in the filter.  I then selected the hand, cigarette and money and made a copy of the background layer.  I changed it to a  “Difference” layer and cut out the selected area.  Each of these 3 photos have the opacity of the diference layer set at a different level (top at 100%, middle at 75% and bottom at 50%.  The bottom is also feathered.

I like the effect of all 3 together, given the nature of the subject matter.

  5 Responses to “THEME: Addiction”

  1. I thought of burning money too, that top shot could be on an anti-smoking poster.

  2. Quite an impressive message here–especially since it was a chance shot and not a set-up. I like the top more saturated image best.

  3. Great trio of a true addiction! Love the effects you used in these and the different settings…my favorite is probably the top one!

  4. When I saw the first photo, I thought you were going to move the money to the end of the ciggie and watch it burn! That’s what I think of when my son lights up….burning money.

    Photography is all about showing what you see in a specific shot…you did it here.

  5. What a great statement! The trio really works. Really good eye to capture this as it is a very strong photo. Nice work.

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