Aug 172013

yellow hibiscus 2 1770

yellow hibiscus 1769

I took these photos of our yellow Hibiscus flowers in June when we first bought this plant (which we later discovered is technically a tree, which may explain why it doesn’t like being in a pot). I intended to use the shots for the “yellow” theme but no matter how I processed them, they remained “blah.” Pretty flower, but not very photogenic. I tried Topaz Clarity, Detail… playing around in Aperture… but all just looked overdone… and still “blah.”

Because it is just too hot today (113F), I decided to stay in and learn more about the new Topaz ReStyle which I still have on trial.  I had been experimenting with it… but had not taken  the tutorial.. which is an hour long… dowser.. there is so much more to this tool than just the pretty colors! It’s interface is so sophisticated, yet easiest to use. And I like the results.  I’m fairly sure I’ll be purchasing it while it is still one sale.

My other goal for today was to make a personalized birthday card to post on face book for one of my childhood friends.  I brought the top photo into PSE, added words and a frame and it’s done.

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Apr 132013

/cactus bud 1707

cactus bud 1706 (1)

cactus bud 1709

cactus bud 1708


These were taken last Sunday (same day as the rattlesnakes) — this is a new camera and the photos are in RAW.  I am having to learn how to use my tools all over again, thus it took me all week to prepare the for posting.

The last two are obviously not a bud… but thought you’d like seeing what these cacti are capable of — truly awesome, don’t you think?

By the way, these buds and blossoms are on the Staghorn Cholla cacti.

May 192010

I posted some great YELLOW BLOOMS in April… and now see that I should have saved that posting for May. Compared to those flowers, these are bit more orange than yellow. I am figuring out the names of the flowers and will go back to previous flower blog pages and add names IF I can figure them out.  The first flower on this page was easy.

Sunflowers.  Desert Landscape Flower. Note the Mexican Brick Wall in the background. Continue reading »