May 122013

white bougainvillea  1729

I had never seen white bougainvillea before finding this plant yesterday while shopping for drought resistant plants.  Each small white flower on a bougainvillea is surrounded by 4 bracts, which are technically leaves.  I processed this using the newly purchased  Topaz B&W and then ran it through Topaz Detail.

Mar 292013

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1703

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1702

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1704

Joshua Tree in Bloom 1705Of

Joshua Tree National Park in California in bloom. We visited on March 24, 2013. This is something that I’ve always wanted to see! When I had read in DesertUSA that the trees were in bloom, I suggested we take a drive… it is only 90 miles west of here.

Joshua Tree National Park consists of two deserts, the Colorado (a.k.a. Sonoran Desert) and the Mohave Desert. Each supports different plant life, although as you’d expect some plants, such as the Mohave Yucca, exists in both deserts. The Joshua Tree is uniquely a Mohave Desert species.

Feb 042010


Funny thing about white… is that it is often not purely white, especially with a digital camera. When I was at the vegetable stand after spending the afternoon riding my bike around and taking photos, this basket of garlic looked about as white as anything I’d seen all day.

This was taken with the natural afternoon sun coming in from the open doorway. The sun actually gave the garlic a warm “orange” color; pretty, but not appropriate to our assignment.

Thus I did a quick edit in photoshop elements.  I made a layer from the background image and removed all color from that new layer.  Then I adjusted the transparency to 25%.  This resulted in the garlic looking like the “white” that I was after.