Aug 142010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/4; 11mm (Canon SX10)

Any guesses as to what this is?

Since coming back from my trip to NH, I’ve taken very few photos… its been just too hot… the only time I can get chores done is in the very early morning.  (Like now and I really have to get out there…)  I did take a moment to document one said chore.

Post processing done in Aperture. Rotated, cropped, and skewed the white balance and set extreme vibrancy while lowering the saturation.  Also darkened shadows and added 100% saturation to the blue hue.  Goal was to bring out the rough!

P.S.  I’ve had to concentrate my time on MostlyFiction… I’ll be back to enjoy and comment on your wonderful photos more consistently soon.

Mar 292010

Any guesses on what this is? No… not it’s not a MOMA abstract painting. It’s a macro view of of a piece of  blue glass slag that I found at the Rock Shop.  Please looke at the large print to really appreciate it.  What do you see in it?

This is processed… First I did the High Pass Overlay to bring out the patterns.  then I added another layer and placed it under the High Pass Overlay and worked on the levels and also burned in where ever I saw an abstraction that seemed to look like something to me. I turned off the original background layer… and then saved it in a lightly larger photo size than I normally do so that it fills more of the screen when it is enlarged.

Feb 122010

When I was working in the office last weekend, one of my friends came into the office to pick up her mail.  She was excited because her donut pan had arrived. I asked her what a donut pan was… and she took it out of the package to show me.  Of course, I took a photo of it!  She said that this pan is used to bake rather than fry donuts.  I’m still waiting for her to bring by an example.

I cropped and adjusted the levels on the photo in PSE 8.  I used the “black: dipstick in levels.  The top photo is not in black & white.

The next photo is same adjustments, but converted to black & white:

I can’t decide which I like better.  Maybe this one.