Jul 032013

railroad tracks 1741

This is a railroad bridge found when driving on AZ-95 near Parker, AZ. I’ve had this image on my bucket list to shoot for quite some time and since I had a dentist appointment in Parker  yesterday– and was by myself — I stopped on the side of the road to finally take a photo.

One of my staycation goals is to learn more about using the Topaz suite of products. I used tone mapping on this photo to help bring out the Wild West look.   Continue reading »

Nov 042010

longhorn JC-correct 724

Wow!  This new Topaz bundle is fun!  Let’s see if I remember everything I did.

First… this is two photos.  I processed each of these in Aperture before opening them in Photoshop Elements 6.  I used the Topaz remask tool to cut out the longhorn skeleton heads.  The original photo was taken back in January and the heads were resting on the usual gravel that appears in half my photos.  I then ran the skeleton heads through Topaz adust to bring out the details and then placed these on a layer in the backround image.  I decided the background was too dominate, so I made a copy and then reduced it to 75% opacity.

I then decided that it needed a frame to tie it all together, so I followed (well sort of followed) Doris’ instructions on how to make a frame.

Then I imported it all back to Aperture and added the signature before exporting out in .jpg format.  I discovered that my plug-in software for the signature wouldn’t let me place it high enough in the photo to appear on the photo… that is why it is on the frame.  Let me know if that bugs you.

I suspect I may have done a few other things to the photos but it has taken me several evenings to do this.  I shall start keeping better notes.

Sep 212010

woman jc 682ISO 80; f/4.5; 1/500; -0.67 ev; 22.4mm; 7:03am (Canon SX 10 on tripod)

Found this woman in Celia’s Garden… the memorial park next the model airplane field.  Same place that I have photographed the bird house, bird feeders and many different desert plant life.  It’s a really beautiful place to walk around. I liked the morning sun on her face.

Jan 282010

I have been reading Zane Grey novels lately and the idea of a cowboy on a horse seems very masculine to me.  This is not the statute that I wanted to post… the owner would not let me take a picture of it. But in going through my old photos, I realized that I had forgotten about this one.  This Quarter Horse monument was taken in Sonoita, Arizona (south of Tucson, north of Nogales), and was found on one of our meandering drives to nowhere in particular.

The photo itself was not well taken, thus I played with levels until I was more satisfied with the statute.  Then I had this idea of making a “ghost cowboy,” to signify the loss of way of life and to highlight some of the features of this statute.  With the hints of the modern background, I hope this shows the incongruity of then and now.

If you think this is overworked, and you’d like to see the original photo, please let me know.