Jul 302010

ISO 80; f/3.2; 1/80; 7.6mm; 6:51 pm

It rained yesterday. Not for long, but long enough.  The sky was so full of clouds that it made for a terrific sunset.

I’m still having trouble capturing the right colors in the sky either at sunrise or sunset.  I’ve played with the white balance in the camera and no luck.  So I used Aperture to bring out the colors as I saw them and had Carl verify for quality control!

Isn’t this an amazing sky?

May 062010

ISO 80 f/5.8 1/250  .67ev  28.5mm

This is last night’s sunset… without a bit of post processing.  After attending John Greengo’s class yesterday I decided to play with the Exposure setting on my camera… I have a Canon PowerShot SD 950, which is a point and shoot camera… but as far as P&S goes, its pretty good. I do  have the ability to change the exposure by up to 2 stops in either direction, thus I experimented last night.

What I learned was that by increasing the expo by 1/3, it changed the shutter speed to a slower speed (from 1/500 to 1/250).  Since the camera was on a tripod the slower speed was o.k and in fact I think the mountains are clearer on the slower speed.

And it did make for a “better” histogram.

Anyway, I’m finding this free photo class immensely informative… even for my point & shoot camera.  At least I understand its limitation a whole lot better.  I’m doing my best not to have DSLR envy…  I simply can’t afford one so that’s that.

Apr 102010

Sunset Glow is not a very original use of this theme… but it is so much fun to photograph.

The top photo was taken 2 nights ago … when there were no clouds in the sky — just this great big burning ball of fire. So bright it hurts your eyes even in the photo image!

It was 6:50 PM.

Aperture: f8; Shutter Speed 1/250; Focal Length 7.7mm, ISO 80 (settings chosen by the camera) Continue reading »

Mar 312010

I have only the one theme left for the month of March!  I’ve struggled with this one because I am uncomfortable with the word “blessing” as it is not a word I commonly use as it usually has a religious connotation.  So I looked up the meaning of “blessing” to see if the photos I took last night couldn’t work for me in some way, and here it is — “Blessing: Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being…”

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Dec 142008


Sunset as seen from our RV site -- looking west around 5:30pm

Sunset as seen from our RV site — looking west around 5:30pm

December 14, 2008 — Thought I’d share some photos that I took Friday evening (December 12th).  While every at home was dealing with the ice storm, we had a cloudy day with a few passing rain clouds.  The nice thing about clouds is that you get a better sunset.  Every night of late has been pretty but Friday night was the most vivid.





Here you can see the front -- and a rain storm.

Here you can see the front — and a rain storm.

I know I shouldn’t complain, but the weather here is a little cooler than I thought it would be.  The evenings are down to the low 40s and the days are in high 50s, low 60s.  Not bad compared to home, but certainly not summer clothes weather — which we have with us.  Our winter/fall clothes are in storage still.  I think I’ll have to break down and go shopping for a few things for us.  I mean, I do have one fleece jacket and Carl has a sweater, so we aren’t that desperate.



Standing at the door, looking right, which is north.

Standing at the door, looking right, which is north.

At night we run our heaters (propane built in and one electric radiator).  I don’t know what we would do if we didn’t have these since the RV is not insulated.  We can’t even think about going further north until it warms up! Having chosen to live on our RV means absolutely no more winters!

Standing in front of RV, looking south

Standing in front of RV, looking south



And about eight minutes later...

And about six minutes later…  the sky is all red.