May 312010

ISO 80; f.4 ; 1/100; 5.3mm; 7:00pm (aperture priority; levels adjusted)

This is Carl’s most recent model airplane .  It’s a Sig LT-25 that he built from a balsa kit.  It was intended for a gas motor but he converted it to electric.  Last night was its first flight, which went perfect.

I’ve included a few more photos from last evening to give you an idea about this hobby.

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May 082010

(ISO 80 F/8 1.160)

On one of my recent morning bike rides, I saw this ball on the side of the road.  Thought it was curious enough that I stopped to see what I could do with it, especially with the nice desert shadows. So, I pretended to kick it. Immediately learned that it is no easy task to balance on one foot and hold the camera steady…. Continue reading »