Nov 162010

Palo Verde on Rock 3 728

ISO80; f/5; 1/320; 31mm; 11/11/10 12:20PM (Canon SX10 in P mode, no tripod)

Per Tammy’s suggestion, I decided to re-process this one.  This time I ran it through de-Jpeg (noisy); then Topaz Clean Stylized. I then ran it through Topaz deNoise.  Back in Aperture, I cropped it (and I changed the crop to fill more of the photo with the image, less of the sky); I increased the hue for the green and decreased the hue on the blue (although I debated this since I love how blue our skies are!). Finally, I dodged some of the rocks with the paintbrush.  I also exported the image with increased resolution.


I’m not giving up on covering some of this month’s themes, but I have a lot of photos that I want to post that just won’t fit into November’s themes….  I’m working on a series of photos that I’m calling “Desert Scenes.”  I hope you can indulge me on these.  I’m experimenting with the Topaz products, so please be honest and let me know if something isn’t working.

This photo was taken on a recent desert ride. The photo was processed with Aperture and Topaz Clean Stylized Details… with lots of little tweaks.

May 062010

ISO 80 f/5.8 1/250  .67ev  28.5mm

This is last night’s sunset… without a bit of post processing.  After attending John Greengo’s class yesterday I decided to play with the Exposure setting on my camera… I have a Canon PowerShot SD 950, which is a point and shoot camera… but as far as P&S goes, its pretty good. I do  have the ability to change the exposure by up to 2 stops in either direction, thus I experimented last night.

What I learned was that by increasing the expo by 1/3, it changed the shutter speed to a slower speed (from 1/500 to 1/250).  Since the camera was on a tripod the slower speed was o.k and in fact I think the mountains are clearer on the slower speed.

And it did make for a “better” histogram.

Anyway, I’m finding this free photo class immensely informative… even for my point & shoot camera.  At least I understand its limitation a whole lot better.  I’m doing my best not to have DSLR envy…  I simply can’t afford one so that’s that.

Apr 272010

The Friday Tip regarding simplicity was from earlier this month….  I took this photo soon after reading the tip but held onto it because it just didn’t seem that interesting.  But now that I’m getting better with Aperture, I thought I’d try a few post-processing techniques to pull out the potential.   Continue reading »

Feb 282010

The area north of Quartzsite was used as a training ground for General Patton’s troops during World War II.  Rocks were laid out in the desert for the pilots to know which way to fly without taking the time to learn navigation skills.  Simple navigation, in other words. The rocks spell out  QUARTZSITE  with an arrow pointing the way and then the words 11 mi. Without being in the air, impossible to take the whole picture. My understanding was that many of the pilots were women.  Here is an interesting article about one such woman.

And to keep with theme of “simplicity,” I have done nothing to this photo. No cropping or any other fixes — except to resize it so that WordPress could upload it.  This was taken during our February desert ride.

O.K. that’s it.  I’ve covered all the themes this month — and all of them were taken in real time (no going back to the archives) with our list of themes in mind.  I still owe a self-portrait and am working on it. Slowly.