Jan 122011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/640; 39.4mm; 3:48pm (Canon SX10)

When you come to Quartzsite, it is traditional to stop at Silly Al’s for pizza and a beer and maybe even some Karaoke.

I like this photo because we can see that Silly Al’s has only been here since 1987, which may not seem like long enoughfor a tradition to be instilled but since the town of Quartzsite only incorporated until 1989, well there you have it.  It is a long time tradition for here.

I also like that you can see a “new” tradition that the town has been working on for two years… and that is to have local artists paint rocks, set them out in front of local establishments throughout town and at the end of the season auction them off to raise money for local charities and events.

And finally, the traditional symbol of the Sonoran desert (and of Arizona) is the Saguaro Cactus.  This one is probably at least 100, maybe even 150 years old.  That is, far older than the official town of Quartzsite, and most likely older than even the state of Arizona, which joined the union in 1912.

Then behind all this we have the mountains… which really puts in perspective just how short lived this “tradition,” to hang out at Silly Al’s when visiting Quartzsite, is.

Post processing done in Aperture, little bit of everything.