Feb 102010

We had a sudden rainstorm late this afternoon… with the sun still shining. When I looked behind me to make sure my window was closed, I saw a rainbow and my first thought was not of the proverbial pot of gold, but that there are FIVE colors in a rainbow!  So, I grabbed my camera. This PhotoWalk business is certainly getting the better of me.

None of the pics came out very well.. it was raining too hard for me to want to take the camera outside.. and the blue sky was to the west, the rainbow was toward the east.  But here’s a shot, anyway:

You can see the five colors, can’t you?

Of course, this reminded me of my last attempt at capturing a rainbow when we were in Tucson last August:

I was very pleased that I could capture nearly the whole rainbow.

And this is from the same day:

Obviously a blue sky makes for better rainbow pics.  Any other hints about how to make this a success?