Jul 042013

bunny bath 1743

bunny bath 1744

Remember my “BIRD BATH” images from a few days ago?  Well, it looks like this bunny spied a good thing and decided to try out the spa himself.  Sorry that the photos aren’t better but we were fairly sure that if we raised the window blind, the bunny would take off, so I had to shoot through it.  In the bottom image, the bunny is so relaxed he’s sleeping, albeit with one eye open.

Aug 192010

ISO 80; f/5; 1/20; 58.1mm; 7:02 am (Program mode)

This bunny needs to learn that eating something as bright as Bougainvillea petals… will blow your camouflage.

When I saw the bunny, I pulled the tripod legs in so that camera could sit as low to the ground as I could get it without disturbing the bunny.  If the bunny was going to continue to put eating over safety, I was then going to take the camera off the tripod and try it at true ground level.  But the bunny would have none of that.  I sort of felt bad that I ruined his breakfast.