Oct 192010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/640; 13.4mm; 4:26pm (Canon SX10 aperture priority)

Cropped and straightened image. Made adjustments to  red and yellow hues and painted out same hues from background.  All adjustments made with Aperture.

ISO 80; f/5; 1.125; 48.6; 4:29 (Canon SX10)

Crop and used Blue Desert adjustments in Aperture, but backed off blue hue changes.

Oct 062010

ISO100; f/8; 1/400; 100mm; 2:40pm (Canon SX10 on tripod) Cropped and adjusted in Aperture.


ISO 100; f/8; 1/250; 15.5mm; 2:37pm (Canon SX10)


I had my eye on this cactus for a few days before I finally took these photos (at end of September).  I decided the best time was the middle of the afternoon while the cactus blossom was still open.  Early morning the light was wrong and by the time the “evening glow” occurs, this bud is closed up tight.

I can’t believe its Oct 6th and I’m finally getting around to posting these!

May 192010

I posted some great YELLOW BLOOMS in April… and now see that I should have saved that posting for May. Compared to those flowers, these are bit more orange than yellow. I am figuring out the names of the flowers and will go back to previous flower blog pages and add names IF I can figure them out.  The first flower on this page was easy.

Sunflowers.  Desert Landscape Flower. Note the Mexican Brick Wall in the background. Continue reading »

Mar 232010


Not having anything for the theme “thin,” and feeling that all my photos of the African Daisy were looking oh-so-boring — I decided to change the perspective and try to take some of the photos from the “thin” side of the petal.

Later when I looked at the other photos, I realized that no matter how these photos are taken, these African Daisy petals look like the late 60s/early 70s “flower power!”