Nov 032008


Leaves in rain.

Leaves in rain.

November 3, 2008 — We got up this rainy, cool morning, had breakfast, packed the car and drove south down I-5.


It pretty much rained the whole day — sometimes heavier than others.  Thus, we really didn’t really see what we should have seen. Still, Oregon is a very pretty state, even in the rain.  And, most of what we saw on I-5 in Oregon, we had just seen days before when we drove up to the Portland area.

We did see more accidents than normal today — one accident happened in the time that we left I-5 to get a cup of coffee and some stuff for lunch for later in the day.  We came back to I-5 and there were firemen lighting torches to guide people away from the accident.  This was a bit unsettling to the propane tank driver in front of us — he was hugging the edge of the highway, keeping away from the flames. Carl decided to hang back a bit from him.  The car that had the accident was very badly damaged, but the driver seemed o.k.

Later, a blue Prius looked to have rolled several times. That was disconcerting.  As I say, it was very rainy.

Oh, one funny thing.  As I mentioned, we picked up lunch earlier but saved it to eat later in the day.  When we crossed into California, we realized there was a chance that our lunch might be confiscated by the California Border Control Fruit Fly inspector.  So we pulled over to turnout just miles from the inspection station, and ate everything in our cooler — fruit flys and all. (just kidding)

It always amazes us when we cross a border and the state looks different. Oregon is all green.  California is gold. And you can see this when you drive down I-5. I wish it was a better day for photographs.

We are going to have to do this trip again. We really could not see much of  Mount Shasta –just the base, still, that was impressive. We were a bit over 4,000 feet up when we were passing Mt. Shasta (a 14,000ft  volcanic mountain) — the rain hinted at being snow for a fleeting second.

We couldn’t see much of Shasta Lake either, but we could see how beautiful it would be on a nice day. Actually it looked a bit low, so it was good it was raining.

We are staying in Corning, California tonight and will get up and keep going south on I-5 tomorrow.  We want to get back to Arizona.