Aug 022010

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/50 7.7mm (Canon SD950 IS)  Not sure I even had my glasses on yet.

I love waking up in a tent and this morning was no exception.  Devon and I were only camping in Fred’s yard… but still the smell and the light in the tent thrilled me.  It is a space that I won’t ever be tired of.

I had to take a break from posting to catch up on my MostlyFiction work… so I’m still working on some July Themes.

Jun 262010

ISO 80; f/2.8 1.0s 7.7mm; 5:10am  (Canon SD950 IS Elph)

Carl was up making coffee at 5am this morning.  Sun wasn’t even up yet,  but there were some beautiful rays peaking over the mountains.

I realized that I was looking at “darkness” and started shooting photos before I got out of bed. Post processing makes it look more daytime than it is… but I like the color.  As you all know by now, we live in an RV… this gives a nice look at our condensed lifestyle.

By the way… to get this to stay dark with the point and shoot camera… I used the “snowman” scene which prevented the camera from adding more light to the scene as it was wont to do.  I know I say I never use these canned settings, but this morning it made all the sense in the world.  I think I’ll try this trick tonight on the full moon.   And if that works, and assuming I find some fireworks… I’ll try it on them as well.

Jun 092010

ISO80; f/5.6; 0.5s; 5mm (mini tripod; self-timer)

This is from this morning, post coffee.  Thought I’d experiment with the set up again. In yesterday’s picture the overhead light is on and gives it more of a yellow look, as if the morning was dark and we needed light.  In this picture I just used natural daylight.  I think using the mirror also brightened it up.  The difference in the time of day is only about 15 minutes (we were up earlier today than yesterday).