Sep 022010

ISO80; f/5; 1/320; 26.8mm; 8:08am (Canon SX10)

This is the camel that sits atop the Hi Jolly Monument.  I converted to monochrome, then painted the camel with the Tint brush in Aperture.

IS80; f/8; 1/250; 5mm; 8:07am (Canon SX10)

This is our Hi Jolly Monument located in our cemetery of the same name in Quartzsite.J

This pyramid of native stone marks the resting place of Hi Jolly, a Greek born in Syria, also known as Philip Tedro and Hadji Ali. Hi Jolly was hired in 1857 as a camel herder in the U.S. Army’s short-lived historic Camel Corps by Lt. Edward F. Beale in his expedition to chart a wagonroad across New Mexico and Arizona, ending at the Colorado River. In 1861 the Civil War commenced, ending the Camel Corps. Hi Jolly returned to Quartzsite trying his hand at mining, packing, scouting, delivering the “Jackass Mail,” and selling water to travelers. Legend has it that the ashes of Topsy, Hi Jolly’s favorite camel and companion are also placed in the pyramid.

The camel atop the pyramid symbolizes the legend of The Red Ghost that roamed the desert, terrorizing man and beast with what amounted to a corpse tied to his back.

Quartzsite is preparing to celebrate Arizona’s Centennial.  I’ve been told by a couple people that they need photos of Quartzsite.  So, I’m half fooling around with the idea of participating.  The cool thing about the above image is that I can easily change the colors and come up with different looks:

Aug 302010

ISO 80; f/5.6; 1/1000; 59.2mm; 6:41 AM (Canon SX10)

We went out to the model airplane flying field this morning just as the sun was coming up.  I took quite a few photos with the tripod but felt I was missing the glider… so I took the camera off the tripod and started to just follow the glider with the camera. This lucky shot was taken while facing east into the sun… post-processing consisted of a crop (to give the glider more room in front rather than behind) and adjusted the black point to darken the silhouette a wee bit.

With as many photos as I’ve taken at the flying field, I felt I would have been remiss not post at least one for this month’s “flight” theme!