Oct 062010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/25; 21mm; 6:10pm (Canon SX10 on tripod) Facing North

On Monday evening, right about when I started up the grill, a massive cloud opened up over Quartzsite with torrential rain and winds estimated up to 90MPH.  The whole thing may have lasted ten minutes.  Maybe.  It really was over with before it even started.  I never made it inside and was soaked to the bones.  Everything on our patio went flying – tables, chairs, rugs, plants and there was no dry shelter outside.  I just started gathering up what I could and kept my head down.  I couldn’t look at our awning for fear that it was going to rip apart… but it and the carport took the winds well despite all the noise coming off of them.  One minor tear in the carport cover was the only real damage – and a few potted cactus casualties.

This photo shows the massive cloud leaving.  I wish I had thought to take a photo when it was directly overhead, but then again, I’m sure it would have drowned the camera.  I don’t think the perspective really shows just how thick and solid it was, instead, the setting sun makes it look pretty and benign. Ha!  (Of course, this was nothing compared to what is happening north of us in Flagstaff where they had real tornadoes earlier today.)

In the following photo, you can still see a bit of rain coming out of the cloud:

ISO 80; f/8; 1/50; -1ev; 45.5mm; 6:18pm (Canon SX10 on tripod) Facing west.