Jul 042013

zipper 1745zipper simplify pencil on black 1747 zipper bleach bypass 1748zipper fisheye 1746

I’ve been watching a lot of the tutorials for Topaz and Aperture.  In this series, I took a simple photo of the zipper on my wallet and experimented with several of the Topaz products. From the left to right, top to bottom: Topaz B&W, Topaz, Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify and Topaz Lens Effect.  It’s fun to find a subject to play with.


Aug 212010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/640; 5mm; 7:18am; Super Macro Mode in Canon SX10

I hope you can see this tiny ant.  I think he has some attitude, just sitting back enjoying the sun, taunting me… because he knows his brothers were nibbling on my  feet.  We truly have an ant problem.

Mar 222010

We don’t have a lot of flies here… but when we do they seem unusually large… and clever.

This one was buzzing around and avoiding my attempts to shoo him out the window that I nicely opened just for him. But he wouldn’t leave, just kept at annoying me. So, I stopped being compassionate… and got the flyswatter out. Rather than hiding, he went up into the overhead lamp where, by its very shape, there was no chance of swatting him.

So, I got him with the shutter of my Canon SD95o IS  in digital macro mode instead.

I took several shots as he was intent on taunting me by cleaning his legs and remaining in such a conspicuous and unreachable place.

This shot was the best one. Shutter was 1/80; aperture  f/5.8;  focal length 28.5; ISO 200.

I used the blur tool to saturate the color, used the overlay with the High Pass filter, cropped the image, and then adjusted the levels.   I love getting to know how to use PSE better!

Feb 042010


Funny thing about white… is that it is often not purely white, especially with a digital camera. When I was at the vegetable stand after spending the afternoon riding my bike around and taking photos, this basket of garlic looked about as white as anything I’d seen all day.

This was taken with the natural afternoon sun coming in from the open doorway. The sun actually gave the garlic a warm “orange” color; pretty, but not appropriate to our assignment.

Thus I did a quick edit in photoshop elements.  I made a layer from the background image and removed all color from that new layer.  Then I adjusted the transparency to 25%.  This resulted in the garlic looking like the “white” that I was after.