Jul 302010

ISO 80; f/3.2; 1/80; 7.6mm; 6:51 pm

It rained yesterday. Not for long, but long enough.  The sky was so full of clouds that it made for a terrific sunset.

I’m still having trouble capturing the right colors in the sky either at sunrise or sunset.  I’ve played with the white balance in the camera and no luck.  So I used Aperture to bring out the colors as I saw them and had Carl verify for quality control!

Isn’t this an amazing sky?

Jul 272010

I think my whole vacation was a (failed) exercise in low light… or else a ultra successful exercise in blur.  Here I was thinking that I was finally mastering the concepts of photography, only to discover if you take me out the ideal blue skies of Arizona, I’m hopeless.  Anyway, I recognized early on in the vacation that my photos were not coming out well.  So I took the opportunity to try different settings while Fred (as in my mom’s boyfriend, the one featured in the Outdoors photos in previous blog entry) played music for the three of us.   I told you he’s a renaissance man.

ISO 400; f/3.5; 1.0s; 6mm (Canon SX10) Continue reading »