Mar 132010

Since I work on the weekends (starting Friday), I usually can’t do the “Friday Assignments” until later in the week, if at all.  “Documenting the mundane,” well that’s a natural for me!

I had just finished making lunch and was washing up, when I looked down and remembered the assignment!  I took several pictures, but this is the one I like the best.  I used the automatic setting, which defaulted to the flash going off.  Then I took several more, changing the exposure, without the flash.

Here is one without the flash:

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Feb 122010

When I was working in the office last weekend, one of my friends came into the office to pick up her mail.  She was excited because her donut pan had arrived. I asked her what a donut pan was… and she took it out of the package to show me.  Of course, I took a photo of it!  She said that this pan is used to bake rather than fry donuts.  I’m still waiting for her to bring by an example.

I cropped and adjusted the levels on the photo in PSE 8.  I used the “black: dipstick in levels.  The top photo is not in black & white.

The next photo is same adjustments, but converted to black & white:

I can’t decide which I like better.  Maybe this one.