Jan 022011

ISO 80; f/2.8; 1/125; 7.7mm; 8:40AM; Digital Macro (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

Before this week, I would have thought that finding a photo of “winter” here in southwest Arizona would be difficult.  But with this unusual cold snap, our morning temperatures have been 28F two mornings in a row — and we may can expect at least two more such frigid mornings.  For an RV park, this means lots of frozen water hoses for those that did not let their water run from their faucets over night.

I knew it was cold enough for water to freeze, but still, I was surprised when I saw the ice on this puddle.  (O.K. I was also surprised to see a puddle.. but it did rain all day Thursday and I guess it is slower to evaporate in winter.)

Post processing consisted of a run through Topaz deJpeg, then Topaz Adjust/Photo Pop.  I used Aperture to add definition to the ice, and then I add polarize to just the ice.  Final stop was to add a bit of vignette.