Jul 012013

morning 1738

Day 3 of Staycation: This morning I decided to take a bike ride rather than a walk for my early morning exercise. As I was putting air in my tire, I looked up and saw this beautiful scene. It’s clear as to why our park is called “Holiday Palms.”

I was only going to ride my bike for about 30 minutes, but with the clouds filtering the direct sunlight, I ended up being out for two hours… the last half hour or so taking photos of an some of our abandoned buildings.

Apr 272010

And now… for a really bad photo…go ahead and laugh at me….

Did someone say to take a picture of a light?  Well, I think I took the theme a bit too literally here!

This kind of thing happens all too frequently at social gatherings… I forget about composition and every other rule… and just shoot, shoot, shoot.

At least I didn’t need a flash for this picture!

Mar 132010

We are now starting off season at work thus I am looking around the office for tasks to do.  A customer asked if we had any 3XL T-shirts, so I pulled out ALL of the remaining T’s in the back room and those in the drawers, checked sizes and refolded them.  At first I decided to take photos of this “mundane” task.  But then it dawned on me that I was making “stacks.”  After that I concentrated on the order of the colors in the stack and made sure that some showed the words “Quartzsite, AZ” while others showed “RV Park.”  So this should just look like a random stack of t-shirts, it is, in fact, not random at all.

Oh, and we did not have any 3XL t-shirts.