Mar 102013

Laundromat 1690

I’ve been caught up in reading my book all weekend and thus not really working on the themes… but I did go to the laundromat and snuck in some photos while waiting for my wash.

What strikes me about this photo is that this could be my own laundry… I have a towel similar to the one hanging here and sock that looks exactly like one of Carl’s. When Carl glanced over my shoulder he thought it was a picture of our own laundry. I guess laundry can be fairly universal.

Below is my laundry in the washer, for what its worth (so now back to reading my book!):

Laundromat 2 1691

Mar 182011

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 100mm’ 4:55Pm MST (Canon SX10, no tripod)

I’m sure when this bird feeder was hung in Celia’s Rainbow Garden in Quartzsite, that neither of these two were the intended guests.  Surely, each is taking advantage of a bit of “fast food.”

This image was cropped and then processed in Topaz Adjust using the “Clarity” preset.

Note:  Paul Winer in the previous photo is Celia’s father.  Celia died in 1995 when she was only 8 1/2 years old from a viral infection that hit her heart.  This is her story as told by her mother:  The gardens is one of my favorite places for “photo walking.”

Jan 112011

ISO 80; f/4; 1/1000; 5mm (Canon SX10 in P mode — or “stealth” mode)

Quartzsite is full up with with vendor tents selling everything and anything you can imagine.

There are a lot of things to photograph but I’ve learned that most vendors get nervous when they see me actually using the camera.  Thus, I keep the camera in P mode and get ready to take pictures quickly. It is easier to do this with SD950IS, but yesterday I decided to try the SX10.  This was my first walk through this particular tent and I was impressed with how well organized everything was and I took this shot because I like the way the way the light partially silhouettes the hanging tools against the tarp.

This was processed in Topaz DeJpeg, although it only needed a light touch.  I then used curves in Aperture to partially bring out some of the detail and then painted aspects with definition — I wanted to keep the image as close to how I saw the image when I took it.  Prior to settling on this, I took a look at what Topaz Adjust could do for the photo.  Is it just me, or do you also sometimes find it overwhelming to choose a particular effect?

Oct 262010

Berryman's Jacket 721ISO 100; f/3.2; 1/60; 7.1mm; 9:20am  (Canon SX10 in P mode)

One of our “younger” residents died about a month ago.  He was 62 years old.  It was both expected and a surprise at the same time. We knew he had been in and out of the hospital for the past half year and we also knew he had not changed his life style.  But he seemed like himself. In fact, the day before he died, he heartedly greeted Carl and I as we rode our bikes past his place.  He had quite a few people partying with him and perhaps he was inviting us to join. We waved and rode on. I wish we had stayed to toast to his life.

His sister, brother-in-law and brother flew in to take care of his property. I took this photo of the hanging jacket at their yard sale. Something I did not know about him until that moment was that this guy loved leather jackets… at least twenty were still hanging and apparently some had already left the premises.

When I processed this  photo I desaturated the red and then painted the red hue back into the jackets.  The green leaves were left untouched because these leaves are always blowing around the park.  I think this “tree” was sitting outside during a wind storm once.  Bits of Mike Berryman.

By the way, this is the same person who owned the subject for the theme “neglected” earlier this year.

Berryman's Jacket 722

IS 100: f/4: 1/500; 13.4mm 9:39am

I’m sure someone must have given this gy to Mike because it looks like him.  Mike was very good at hanging out with his buddies (another use of the hanging theme)!  May he rest in peace. And if you stop by Silly Al’s raise a glass to him.

Oct 062010

ISO80; f/4; 13 secs; 15.4mm; 7:46pm (Canon SX10 on Tripod with 2-sec timer)

The park is still in the midst of the big sewer dig and somehow the diggers nicked an electric wire… which put the electricity out for half the park.  This was the same day as the “massive” afternoon storm, which probably made the repairs that much more difficult.  This truck pulled up after dark in the site across from our RV to replace the whole electric box unit.  I decided to pull out the camera and tripod and see what I could do with bright strobe light.  I’m positive that my fellow residents have confirmed that I’m a crazy woman for taking photos of the truck in the dark… but isn’t that the cost of our hobby? The strobe light didn’t work out the way I expected, but I do like the results anyway.

Sep 182010

Blue Birdhouse 681ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 61.4mm; 7:28am (Canon SX10 on tripod, aperture priority / vivid mode)

B is for Blue Birdhouse and Blue Sky

It would have been nice to have a bird in the photo… but they are all hanging out at the bird feeder .

I’ve just decided to do the alphabet challenge privately…  that is I’m posting here on my blog but not at the site that is hosting the challenge. It’s the second week that I’m too late to submit my link. Anyway, the point is to “see” fresh subjects to photograph, which it seems to be doing.