Mar 142010

More things that are part of my normal weekend. We have fruit trees throughout the park.  People bring in their extra fruit to share with other residents.  These are some of the grapefruit.

This is not cropped; it is a macro shot.  In PSE, I selected just the grapefruit, none of the table, and did auto smart fix, which brought out a bit more of the sun (from the open door) shining on the grapefruit.

Mar 142010

Because I had the office door open, which let in the beautiful sunlight, it was easy to see that the floor hadn’t been swept all week.  So I pulled out the broom and started to gather up all the dirt to sweep out the doorway.   Obviously, it was about that time that I remembered the Friday assignment!  To me sweeping is one of the more mundane tasks one can do.  Taking a picture of it, isn’t.

I crop this photo to focus on the light in the doorway.  I also created an overlay layer (at 50% opacity) and used the high-pass filter at a radius of 4 pixels.  It made a very, very subtle change in the photo.  I really think this one has to be viewed in its larger size to appreciate it.

Well, I’m back to do some more mundane tasks… lunch break is over!