Feb 042010

It was such an nice afternoon, I decided to take my bicycle and camera out and try out the February themes.  Look what I found at a yard sale!  A Chatty Cathy!  According to Wikipedia, she’ll be celebrating her 50th birthday this year.

I had a fun taking her picture… but couldn’t select just one for this exercise. The top photo is without much editing… I cropped it a bit to focus more on her and less on the tables in the distance.  The light worked out best on that one.

I like the second one because it looks like she’s doing her best to convince the woman holding her to take her home.  I did play around with the gausian blur to the background and then played with the vignette.

The third photo could have been more scary — you know like Chucky — but again I played with vignette (lightened, rather than darkened) and changed the angle a bit to make her less scary.  Amazing what post-processing can do.