Nov 162010

Palo Verde on Rock 3 728

ISO80; f/5; 1/320; 31mm; 11/11/10 12:20PM (Canon SX10 in P mode, no tripod)

Per Tammy’s suggestion, I decided to re-process this one.  This time I ran it through de-Jpeg (noisy); then Topaz Clean Stylized. I then ran it through Topaz deNoise.  Back in Aperture, I cropped it (and I changed the crop to fill more of the photo with the image, less of the sky); I increased the hue for the green and decreased the hue on the blue (although I debated this since I love how blue our skies are!). Finally, I dodged some of the rocks with the paintbrush.  I also exported the image with increased resolution.


I’m not giving up on covering some of this month’s themes, but I have a lot of photos that I want to post that just won’t fit into November’s themes….  I’m working on a series of photos that I’m calling “Desert Scenes.”  I hope you can indulge me on these.  I’m experimenting with the Topaz products, so please be honest and let me know if something isn’t working.

This photo was taken on a recent desert ride. The photo was processed with Aperture and Topaz Clean Stylized Details… with lots of little tweaks.

Nov 042010

longhorn JC-correct 724

Wow!  This new Topaz bundle is fun!  Let’s see if I remember everything I did.

First… this is two photos.  I processed each of these in Aperture before opening them in Photoshop Elements 6.  I used the Topaz remask tool to cut out the longhorn skeleton heads.  The original photo was taken back in January and the heads were resting on the usual gravel that appears in half my photos.  I then ran the skeleton heads through Topaz adust to bring out the details and then placed these on a layer in the backround image.  I decided the background was too dominate, so I made a copy and then reduced it to 75% opacity.

I then decided that it needed a frame to tie it all together, so I followed (well sort of followed) Doris’ instructions on how to make a frame.

Then I imported it all back to Aperture and added the signature before exporting out in .jpg format.  I discovered that my plug-in software for the signature wouldn’t let me place it high enough in the photo to appear on the photo… that is why it is on the frame.  Let me know if that bugs you.

I suspect I may have done a few other things to the photos but it has taken me several evenings to do this.  I shall start keeping better notes.

Mar 312010

I have only the one theme left for the month of March!  I’ve struggled with this one because I am uncomfortable with the word “blessing” as it is not a word I commonly use as it usually has a religious connotation.  So I looked up the meaning of “blessing” to see if the photos I took last night couldn’t work for me in some way, and here it is — “Blessing: Something promoting or contributing to happiness, well-being…”

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