Apr 082013



We went back out on our ATV yesterday… and found our first rattlesnakes! Scary! Fortunately we were on the ATV already… not walking although we had been walking only moments earlier. I was ready to flee the area, but Carl stopped to let me take pictures.

This was taken with my brand new SX50 HS with a great telephoto lens. I processed the photos by reducing the yellow in Aperture and then painting the yellow back in on the snakes so that they can be seen, otherwise they are very will camouflaged by nature.

Apr 062013

action 1706

Carl and I head out for a ride in the desert on our Canam 2-up quad. This unusual camera angle gives the image the feel of action. To be honest, the pictures an accident I started to take a picture, but Carl started driving again and I gave up on the picture but the 2-sec delay kicked in as may arm was lowering the camera — in other words, I doubt I could repeat this again with good results.