Jan 262010

Looking Down

This was taken at the Desert Botanical Garden in Phoenix, Arizona in the fall of 2008.  As you can see, I was looking straight down on this patch of succulents.  Wish I could tell you the name of this plant but I’m still learning my desert plants.

This is cropped from the original photo. I tried to make it have more depth and narrowed the pattern a bit since I felt that the original had too many of this same plant in it.  By cropping it, you can see more space between the plants and thus (hopefully) more depth.

Jan 172010


Last summer I took a lot of photo bike rides.  We stayed in Tucson, AZ for two months. As it was the two hottest months, July and August, it was most feasible to get up and out early.  Some days I just rode my bike and never stopped; other days, it was amazing I got any exercise at all because I would be so distracted by the photo opportunities.

In this photo, I was experimenting with the camera’s macro feature.  I was pleased that I managed to make my little camera behave like an SLR in that the flower buds are in focus and the background is out of focus.  And I was happy with the original shot.  I was thinking of using this for my “pink” shot, but just as I was getting ready to post, I decided to crop the image — just to see.  To my surprise, I like the cropped image better.

Below is the original photo: