Sep 022010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 8.3mm; 5:08pm (Canon SX10 in Aperture priority on Tripod) —  Facing Northwest, you can see the bridge over the Bill Williams River in the distance.  The green grass follows the Bill Williams for miles into the desert.

ISO 80; f/8; 1/100; 30.1mm; 5:10pm (Canon SX10 in Aperture priority on Tripod) — Facing West, these mountains are in California.

At the spur of the moment, we drove up to Lake Havasu City yesterday afternoon to run some errands.  It’s a gorgeous ride  on 95N after you get past the Parker Strip, starting with Buckskin Mountain, up through the Parker Dam area, catching glimpses of  the Bill Williams River National Wildlife Refuge and all the way into Lake Havasu City. For much of the way we follow the Colorado River… the same river that carved out the Grand Canyon also did a pretty nice job up through this cut.  Unfortunately, there are not that many easy places to stop (well, I would have stopped at hundred spots, but I wasn’t driving… and we’d still probably be making our way up there if I was, or, rear-ended).  On the way home I was promised one pull-off and here’s the view.  I probably should have had Mr. Beachball with me.

May 302010

ISO 80; f/10; 1/10; 1/160;  11.4mm 4:30pm (taken with the old camera) (picture is now straightened 6-1-10 8:10pm)

This is the Colorado River as taken from the CRIT (Colorado River Indian Tribes) land in Parker, AZ, which is 35 miles north of Quartzsite.  The land on the other side of the river is California. We discovered this peaceful little spot last November, actually Thanksgiving Day, when we went up to the CRIT Casino for the Turkey buffet.   I never get tired of looking at the mountains, but sometimes I miss the water . This spot is an easy cure for that.  I suspect that now it is Memorial Day weekend, this place might not be so peaceful.