Mar 062011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/200; 100mm (Canon SX10 from car)

I spied these two hitchhikers while we were driving around town, crossing over 95S.   When I saw his thumb resting on her leg, I knew I had to get this shot… despite that the light was about to go from red to green.  Don’t worry I wasn’t driving… and Carl didn’t listen to me when I said “wait, don’t go yet!”

Because it was such a long shot, the image is fairly grainy, so I used Topaz deNoise and then Topaz Simplify to stylize the photo a bit.  Actually, I tried quite a number of things, but this effect kept the focus on the thumb.

I touched up the photo a bit in Aperture to bring out the Arizona can and the dog.

I decided to not crop the image because I like the shape of the mountains in the background.