Dec 072010

Tangled up in Blue (1)
“Tangled in Up in Blue”

ISO 80; f/5; 1/250; 62.5mm (Canon SX10)

Processed in Topaz Adjust and Aperture

Found this wrapped up ball twigs, rope and some kind of rubber belt while walking through the wash this afternoon.

Sep 182010

Blue Birdhouse 681ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 61.4mm; 7:28am (Canon SX10 on tripod, aperture priority / vivid mode)

B is for Blue Birdhouse and Blue Sky

It would have been nice to have a bird in the photo… but they are all hanging out at the bird feeder .

I’ve just decided to do the alphabet challenge privately…  that is I’m posting here on my blog but not at the site that is hosting the challenge. It’s the second week that I’m too late to submit my link. Anyway, the point is to “see” fresh subjects to photograph, which it seems to be doing.

Sep 082010

ISO 80 f/5; 1/800; 49.6mm; 7:00am (Canon SX10) Cropped

ISO 80; f/4; 1/80′ 13.8mm; 7:40am (Canon SX10) Cropped

I know that Red & Blue is not a theme that we’ve been given, but for some reason I saw these two images on my random photo walk / bike ride this morning… forty minutes apart.  Kind of strange, huh? Doesn’t two make a theme?

Mar 292010

Any guesses on what this is? No… not it’s not a MOMA abstract painting. It’s a macro view of of a piece of  blue glass slag that I found at the Rock Shop.  Please looke at the large print to really appreciate it.  What do you see in it?

This is processed… First I did the High Pass Overlay to bring out the patterns.  then I added another layer and placed it under the High Pass Overlay and worked on the levels and also burned in where ever I saw an abstraction that seemed to look like something to me. I turned off the original background layer… and then saved it in a lightly larger photo size than I normally do so that it fills more of the screen when it is enlarged.

Mar 292010

Blue rocks fascinate me.  It seems like such a non-rock color to me.  I fell in love with the blue mineral in quartz matrix which is  called Kyanite the first time I saw it many years ago.  In fact, it starting me on a small collection of blue minerals back when I was a collector. Although some people do make jewelry with Kyanite, it typically is not considered a gemstone.  It has some industrial use… and of course is of value to collectors.

The background rock is a geode. This photo was taken surreptitiously, thus I thought it was lucky to catch the same colors in a different type of rock right there in the background.

Mar 132010

Since I work on the weekends (starting Friday), I usually can’t do the “Friday Assignments” until later in the week, if at all.  “Documenting the mundane,” well that’s a natural for me!

I had just finished making lunch and was washing up, when I looked down and remembered the assignment!  I took several pictures, but this is the one I like the best.  I used the automatic setting, which defaulted to the flash going off.  Then I took several more, changing the exposure, without the flash.

Here is one without the flash:

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Feb 182010

I was at the model airplane field… and I noticed this model airplane and the jet contrail… and of course I thought “big & small.”  We know that the jet is “big” and the model airplane is “small”  but perspective makes the the jet “small” (actually invisible without its contrail) and the model airplane “big.”

Since this is not great resolution, I decided to not crop and just let the “big” blue sky overpower all, and make everything look “small.”

Enough play on the theme, don’t you think?