Mar 302010

From my Mac built-in dictionary:

disorder |disˈôrdər|


a state of confusion : tiresome days of mess and disorder.

• the disruption of peaceful and law-abiding behavior : recurrent food crises led to periodic outbreaks of disorder.

Maybe I read or see too many dystopian books/movies!  I look a this photo and the refrain “Four Dead in Ohio” goes through my head…

This was not staged…  a friend was showing us this toy, driving it over piles of rocks to show what it could do, and I was snapping pictures.  I saw this shot coming about and well… I got it!

I processed this in PSE 8 — burned in the blue color a bit, cloned out a pesky bungy cord lying under the big truck, added a layer and used the Water Color filter at 50% transparency and cropped to this odd (disorderly) shape.

Also of note… since the photo was taken just after 3:30 on a slightly overcast day… enough to keep the harsh sunlight out.

Of course, it if was February, I would have used  this for “Big and Small” and kept my civil disorder  observations to myself <grin>.

Feb 182010

I was at the model airplane field… and I noticed this model airplane and the jet contrail… and of course I thought “big & small.”  We know that the jet is “big” and the model airplane is “small”  but perspective makes the the jet “small” (actually invisible without its contrail) and the model airplane “big.”

Since this is not great resolution, I decided to not crop and just let the “big” blue sky overpower all, and make everything look “small.”

Enough play on the theme, don’t you think?

Feb 092010

As I mentioned in the previous post, I decided to work a bit with my digital macro setting during this morning’s photo walk. I’m determined to make this camera do what I want since I can’t afford a digital SLR or any other new camera at this point.

As you can see, spring is just starting here in the desert.  We’ve had a bit more rain than usual, and thus I think it is going to be a beautiful spring.  This cactus is normally dried out looking and I thought it was dead. But with the rain, this plant is blossoming, in fact has a “big” and “small” bud… and an even “bigger” flower.

One thing with the digital macro that I’m pleased about, is that it gives depth by blurring the background.  However, I worry that this photo may be too blurry. One of the settings I changed on the camera was to show the focal point in the picture after it is taken, not just before.  This seemed to have two focal points.

Oh… processing. Very minimum.  I cropped it, tried out the auto-level and it didn’t really alter it. I also added a layer and put a frame around the image.