Jun 302010

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 100mm (Tripod; Cropped for focal point)

You have to see this one enlarged to really appreciate it.  I took this yesterday morning… when I noticed the moths fluttering around this Velvet Mequite tree … little did I know just how many had joined the party!

I’ve been working on using my tripod… getting comfortable moving the camera on it and finding my shot.  Quite a bit different than trying for the macro and supermacro shots in which it is very easy to find the subject matter, just have to get close enough.  What I have discovered is that with the zoom lens, it  is just another way to get a macro shot… but with a some safe distance between me and the subject. Also, easier to take a photo with sun against my back without causing a shadow to fall in the wrong place.  Or as I learned it this photo… getting stung by a wasp.  I’m fairly positive that if I didn’t have the telephoto lens, I’d never have been close enough to take this one.