Jan 172011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/30; 56mm (Canon SX10)

The Glass Blower still had two more things to do finish this glass pendant.  As you can see here, he added five dots to the side of the pendant and a glass fastener loop at the top so that chain or string could be used to hand the pendant.  (He told me the technical name of this piece but I forgot it!)

Jan 172011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/60; 100mm (Canon SX10)

This piece is really starting to shape up now… we can finally see it turning into an orb.

Here you can see how he shapes the glass into the orb shape:

ISO 80; f/5; 1/25; 73mm (Canon SX10 handheld)

Jan 172011

ISO 80; f/5; 1/30; 59.2mm (Canon SX10)

After melting the red, he then started to put these points of gray on the glass piece.  Note that he is now using the upper flame which is more narrow or pointed.

Below you can see the pointed gray pieces starting to melt and blend with the rest of the glass piece:

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/50; 100mm (Canon SX10 hand held)

I like this shot because you can see the glitter layer up in the middle of the glass piece.  You will understand what I mean by this when you see the finished product.

Jan 172011

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/80; 100mm (Canon SX10)

If you look at what he was doing in “Liquid,”  it seems that he is now applying the “liquid” glass to the original purple “glitter” glass.  I admit I am confused between last shot and this one… but I am showing them in the sequence that I took the images.

I like the way the glass and fire glow in this image.