Apr 302010

I completed the last of my themes yesterday, so today is a good day to catch up some of the silhouettes that I’ve been working on.

One of the new things that I did with Aperture was to create my own Preset.. first one!  I call it silhouette; it improves blacks and adds a bit of hue.  The top “man silhouette”  does not have the preset; the next one does.

I applied it to the two “tree silhouettes” but varied the hue strength.

The last one has no hue adjustment; but I did retouch to get rid of small pins of light and bad pixels.

Anyway, I still don’t feel that I have found the perfect silhouette subject… so I’m sure you’ll see more in May.  I am looking for the perfect Saguaro cactus.

  6 Responses to “Silhouette Glows”

  1. Wow – these are all beautiful. The colors and the sharp outlines with the contrast of the deep black silhouettes are wonderful. My favorite is the 4th one down, with just the few bits of foliage.

  2. These are all stunning! The crispness of the subjects and the softness in the color of the lighting really make these special. Beautiful work!

  3. These are all fantastic, wish I was as creative as you…really love the first two silhouettes, very unique and eye catching!

    • Tammy! How can you say that? Everything that i see you do shows that you have true photographer’s eye Between the two of us, I would not consider myself the creative one!

  4. I love these, Judi. Especially the man. Also love that you created your own preset.

  5. Great silouettes with colored background. Im looking forward for the cactus!


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