“ You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”  – Ansel Adams

This is my fifth year trying a photoblog.

The first was created while traveling in the fall of 2008. I’d love to go back and doctor up so of the photos since back then about the only editing I did was to crop a photo.

My mom’s friend (and now my friend as well) Sheila McDowell talked me into participating in her “photo walk” group, which I did in 2010 and started in 2011.  In 2010, I lasted through the whole year, but I did not come close to posting a photo a day like some of the other bloggers.  In 2011, I gave up mid way through the year, after starting a new full time job.

Then I tried again 2012 and I made it to August before I got distracted and started exploring Flicker and posting more on FaceBook.

Rather than start a new blog… I am going to just add 2013 photos to this one. In fact the more I thought about it, the more it seemed that I should just combine all the photoblogs together.

I chose this Ansel Adams quote because one of my personal goals is to learn new techniques with my software tools — I don’t want to just take photos, I want to make them.  My base application is Aperture.  In 2011, before I quit blogging, I purchased the Topaz Bundle and updated my Photoshop Elements software to the latest release.  So, we’ll see what I can do with these tools.  If I’m successful, I’ll probably reward myself with a few more apps.

Of course, starting with a decent photo is key to success.  I still do not have a DSLR camera.  I own a Canon SX10 and my brand new Canon S110, which I can shoot in RAW mode. I have an iPhone as well, but I don’t care for the quality of those pictures.  I know some people can work magic with the iPhone but I’m not one of them.

Judi Clark, 1-6-13



NOTE: In the above photo, you see me shooting from the moving car… I do this a lot.  Sometimes it works and sometimes not so much.  I tweaked this photo by making my self  “seen” in the mirror… and by adding in the birds.


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