Jul 082013

prince albert in a can lighter 1750

(ring – ring)
store: Hello
teenage girl: Hello, do you have Prince Albert in a Can?
store: Well, yes, we do.
teenage girl: Well you better let him out!
(hang up)
(giggle, giggle, giggle)

Tell me you didn’t think of this when you saw the can. I suspect with the invention of caller ID, it is impossible to do prank phone calls the way we used to do as kids. (Am I dating myself?)

I processed this with Topaz Lens Effect.

My college friend Carol talked me into seeing what they sell in tobacco stores.  We are both ex-smokers… and learned that we independently quit within months of each other in 1995.

Jul 082013

carol in glasses 1748

My college friend Carol and I met in Wickenburg, AZ last Saturday. She’s been in AZ cleaning her parent’s home to prepare it for sale (and she must have done a fantastic job because it sold quickly). She found her Dad’s sunglasses… these are the kind that you slip over your everyday prescription glasses… and has been wearing them ever since.  Just a lucky shot that I managed to get poster with the sun wearing sunglasses in the image.  Carl thinks the glasses are funny and is wondering what super powers they give her!

Jul 072013

cadilllac 1749

An old Cadillac on a truck frame. We were sitting outside at Starbuck’s in Lake Havasu City and heard this story. An old guy in his ’80s bought his wife a Cadillac. She really didn’t want it. So he said to her, if you don’t want it, then I’m going to do something really silly with it. So he rebuilt the whole car and put it on this truck frame.

Jul 042013

zipper 1745zipper simplify pencil on black 1747 zipper bleach bypass 1748zipper fisheye 1746

I’ve been watching a lot of the tutorials for Topaz and Aperture.  In this series, I took a simple photo of the zipper on my wallet and experimented with several of the Topaz products. From the left to right, top to bottom: Topaz B&W, Topaz, Topaz Adjust, Topaz Simplify and Topaz Lens Effect.  It’s fun to find a subject to play with.


Jul 042013

bunny bath 1743

bunny bath 1744

Remember my “BIRD BATH” images from a few days ago?  Well, it looks like this bunny spied a good thing and decided to try out the spa himself.  Sorry that the photos aren’t better but we were fairly sure that if we raised the window blind, the bunny would take off, so I had to shoot through it.  In the bottom image, the bunny is so relaxed he’s sleeping, albeit with one eye open.

Jul 032013

railroad tracks 1741

This is a railroad bridge found when driving on AZ-95 near Parker, AZ. I’ve had this image on my bucket list to shoot for quite some time and since I had a dentist appointment in Parker  yesterday– and was by myself — I stopped on the side of the road to finally take a photo.

One of my staycation goals is to learn more about using the Topaz suite of products. I used tone mapping on this photo to help bring out the Wild West look.   Continue reading »

Jul 012013

morning 1738

Day 3 of Staycation: This morning I decided to take a bike ride rather than a walk for my early morning exercise. As I was putting air in my tire, I looked up and saw this beautiful scene. It’s clear as to why our park is called “Holiday Palms.”

I was only going to ride my bike for about 30 minutes, but with the clouds filtering the direct sunlight, I ended up being out for two hours… the last half hour or so taking photos of an some of our abandoned buildings.