Mar 032011

ISO 80; f/7.1; 1/250; 43.4mm (Canon SX10)

Petoskey Stone  is a fossil colonial coral. These corals lived in warm shallow seas that covered Michigan during Devonian time, some 350 million years ago.  Here is an in depth article on these fossil stones.

  10 Responses to “29. P is for Petoskey Stone”

  1. Thanks for the article explaining the Petoskey stone. Very interesting. The polished stone was gorgeous. I like your image of the stones.

  2. Well done on this image. Glad you provided the link on the history of the Petoskey Stone. Very interesting.

  3. interesting, looks like snakeskin pattern
    I like the explaning story behind your photos

  4. Reminds me of a turtle shell, very cool!

  5. Love these stones! your image is so well composed and the details make it super interesting. Am so behind on comments but will be back to look at the rest of your blog in detail tonight. Sheep shearers are coming so gotta run…be back soon!

  6. We saw that when we were out west this past September. Don’t they almost look like turtles tuned to stone by some sort of spell?

  7. I like the angle you took this at, low down and in close focus.

  8. Very interesting. I learned something new today.

  9. those are really cool – I have never seen anything like them.

  10. Leopard Rocks!

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