Jul 302010

ISO 80; f/3.2; 1/80; 7.6mm; 6:51 pm

It rained yesterday. Not for long, but long enough.  The sky was so full of clouds that it made for a terrific sunset.

I’m still having trouble capturing the right colors in the sky either at sunrise or sunset.  I’ve played with the white balance in the camera and no luck.  So I used Aperture to bring out the colors as I saw them and had Carl verify for quality control!

Isn’t this an amazing sky?

  11 Responses to “Monsoon Sunset”

  1. Looks ominous…….love it though!

  2. Beautiful, and I guess those are not Maine Palms and that you’re back in AZ again. I enjoyed all your travel shots!

  3. Super sky, Judi! Love those monsoon clouds. You really captured beautiful silhouettes with the palm trees too!!

  4. Just checking in to see what I missed while I was gone and wow, did I miss a bunch! Everything, as usual as wonderful and this sunset is just awesome, the colors look as if they walked right out of a painting!

  5. Judi this is stunning. I love the softness of the colors and the palm trees just bring back the details. Did you process at all?

    • I took the photo using the camera’s Cloud White Balance… which dulled the pink and yellow colors but at least it didn’t make it orange as what normally happens when I leave the White Balance at its default. I used Aperture to adjust the White Balance slightly more, then did some adjustment to the Red Hue and Saturation. Not much, but enough to put the color back in the sky the way I remembered it.

  6. A knockout! The palms do add a lot. I wonder if the frustration with getting a sunset/sunrise added to the development of HDR. Talk about dynamic range, our eyes see so much more than a camera and this in particular has one amazing range.

  7. great clouds and the silouettes of palmtrees makes the photo even better

  8. Amazing sky! And the silhouettes of the palm trees really add to the drama. I think your sunset is perfect.

  9. Red sky at night, photographers delight, but what a golden day tomorrow will be if that is a portent!

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