Apr 192010

O.K.  I’ve attempted my first non-accidental silhouette…  When I looked again at the Tammy’s helpful links, I realized that I had neglected some of the basic silhouette hints.  Specifically… to choose uncluttered subjects  and get the light source behind the subject matter.  So, I had to crop this image to simplify and still it was a bit too cluttered for my taste (see below), so I cropped again resulting in the above photo.  It seems that I also should have more of the source of light in the photo… but maybe that doesn’t matter as much.

I did remember to take the camera off automatic White Balance… and set it at custom.  Since I use a point & shoot camera, some of the silhouette making steps weren’t available to me.

Here is my first crop, which is still too cluttered:

And the original uncropped photo:

I’m lucky to have  12.1 megapixels — all the more to trim from.

By the way, this could qualify for the “faucet” theme, can’t it?  It’s purpose had been to bring up water from a well.

  9 Responses to “Mini-Assignment: Silhouette”

  1. I like the focus on the paddles in the top image but I think the bottom shot works better to give the silhouette a sense of location. All in all, an nice shot and it strikes me as an image that is worth shooting again if it’s nearby.

    • Yes, I plan to give it another go… and if not this windmill, then another one since there are a few more around town. I’m just waiting for the wind to stop blowing!

  2. Hi!
    Great job, but I like the uncropped one. It gives a full view of everything. Have a great day!


  3. Hey Judi – I like all of them but my favorite is the last one!

    Hope you had a great birthday!

  4. Nice job. I like the first one also, though I would crop it a bit just to get rid of the bush on the right.

  5. Gee, Judi, I can’t decide which I like best! I kind of lean towards the original like Ron. They all have their own assets. The cactus is just so unique that it adds to the windmill for me. Really nice work!!!

  6. great windmill silouette, my favourite is the first cropped one



  7. I love the “Cluttered” Big one but that is me, boy thngs are different out west, they supply eacj cactus with it’s own windmill. Great shot of this extravagance.

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