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Looking for a subject that I could photograph throughout the day, I settled on this silly frog. Normally, it sits on a rock, but I decided that putting it about eye level in the Palm tree would help with consistency when shooting (which it turned out not to really work this way).  Also, the Palm tree itself offers nice texture.

First shot was taken at 6:25 pm… this frog is facing west, into the setting sun. Something is making a shadow in the photo… is it me?

This next photo was taken at 8:35AM – the frog is still West facing…which means the morning sun is blocked from it, but there are no shadows.

To catch the light from the early morning sun, I moved it around to the East facing side of the tree:

As you can see, the shadows are already getting darker.

Of course after that, I couldn’t remember where I had put the frog on the West side and thus this next picture is not from the same spot.  It was  taken at 12:45 in the afternoon in the bright sunlight… thus I couldn’t really see my camera screen very well. As it turned out they were all blurry.  I guess that is one reason it would be good to tether the camera to the MacBook!

I’m not done with this exercise yet…. I need to  get more times of day, better focus and better consistency in the shots. It would help to  remember where this guy sits in the tree – and try for the same focal point. So, what I have learned so far?

1) I seem not to be dedicated enough to this project to get out at sunrise… I must try harder!

2) Sunset is a great time to take photos with a warm feeling. The frog seems very happy, doesn’t he? But I must watch my own shadow.

3) The morning sun shining directly on the object brings out nice colors that seem rather true..  I think the red fish really pops out in this one.

4) 8:35 West facing frog has less contrast.  Then again, that could be me not focusing well enough!  (I seem to be having trouble with this lately.)

5)  I like the detail of the tree in the 1:45 shot — and although completely out of focus, the colors do pop on the frog.  I know this light is not supposed to be our friend, but I think it can have a purpose.

Stay tuned…

  8 Responses to “MINI ASSIGMENT #3: See the Light”

  1. I always seem to like late afternoon light best! So I also like #1. The shadows on that one really make the frog look like he is basking in the sun! This came out so cute and was a great idea.

  2. Hi!
    They are all good, but I like the first one best, the one taken at 6:25pm. The colors are more vivid and the whole picture is brighter, does that make sense? Have a great day!


  3. Cute subject matter. He didn’t complain once from the sun in his eyes, because he has shades on! I do like the warm tones in the first photo better.

  4. Oops…hit “Submit” before I was done. I like the first one the best (even with your finger shadow in there). Richest colors.

  5. What a great, light photo. Very fun!

  6. I need to give this a try too. I will have to do it on the weekend and I can tell you my pictures probably won’t start until around noon. lol And this little frog is too cute! I collect frogs and have tons of frogs in my classroom.

  7. I loved seeing the images and reading your findings too. I think your little froggy looks happy to have a change of scenery now and then! My favorite shot in terms of light is the evening one – the warm light is really appealing and the colors are so nicely saturated. Amongst the others, I think I like the east facing one for the contrast and color. Feel free to post as many of these as you like and if you haven’t already, please post your link in the mini-assignment Mr. Linky on the main blog.

  8. Love your side by side examples…you really see the effects! I think any lighting has it’s purpose – especially if that is the only time you can get a pic!

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