Aug 232010

Do you remember the July 2nd Friday Assignment?  I went back to find that beach ball… it took a couple tries but I finally caught up with it.  Here’s how it spent its summer vacation.

Mr. Beachball found again in the desert… wind blown from original location.

**ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/640; 86mm; 7:12 AM  (Canon SX10)


As soon as I started to pack for my trip, Mr Beachball begged to come along.

**ISO 80; f/5.3.2; .5s; 6.2mm; Tripod (Canon SX10)

Mr. Beachball assured me that he would fit in my carry-on luggage; which was good since I wasn’t checking any of it in at $25 per bag.

**ISO 800; f/2.8; 1/15; 7.7mm; No Flash (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

Mr. Beachball clears security without a hitch.  Though he got a free ride; I had to walk through in barefeet.

**ISO 100; f/2.8; 1/20; 7.7mm; No Flash (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

We had to wait a long time for our red-eye flight.  It’s a 2 hour drive to Phoenix from Quartzsite, so Carl dropped us off earlier in the evening.  But we amused ourselves well while waiting for boarding call.

**ISO400; f/2.8; 1/20; 7.7mm; No Flash (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

Finally, we are in flight.  Mr. Beachball stayed in the overhead luggage area.  With every single seat filled on this flight, it seemed best he stay in the luggage and let me get some sleep.

**ISO800; f/2.8; .400000s ; 7.7mm; No Flash (Canon Powershot SD950 IS)

** All photos run through the an Aperture preset and the ball always has extra saturation painted in.

Stay tuned for “Life of Beach Ball (Part 2)

  6 Responses to “Life of a Beach Ball (Part 1)”

  1. How fun! I would have had to endure more than a few rolled eyes from my DH as I set up a series of shots like this – especially going through security!

    • I’m positive if Carl was with me, I’d have had to do some diversionary tactic to insist on going through my own line. But, it was only me and Mr. Beachball on this trip.

  2. It looks kind of rejected here. Caught on the weed makes it look lonely. Let’s see how this turns out! Great idea.

  3. Isn’t it great when we can entertain ourselves!? I am glad you had a traveling companion!

  4. Your life must be a beach….look how hard you have played…that poor ball has about had it! LOL Fun and playful images….glad you were entertained while waiting for your plane! :)

  5. Aww! It’s looking a bit worse for the wear! But, quite the adventure! Well done……

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