Jun 212010

ISO 80; f/4; 1/2500 5mm; 6:51am (Studio Detail preset in Aperture)

Holiday Palms RV Park early morning of June 21st.

  9 Responses to “Happy Summer Solstice!”

  1. I can feel the heat – I like the sun flare and shadows too.

  2. Very nice capture! The problem with the summer solstice is that the days will be getting shorter!

  3. I can feel the heat from here! Super capture that really spells summer!

  4. I love those long shadows and the subtle toning the early morning light cast on the scene.

  5. This screams SUMMER! Awesome capture!

  6. Summer Sostice, in the middle of winter, have you been drinking again Judi LOL Much too cold for that sort of frivolity, I am wearing a pullover most evenings now. Ah winter is cruel.

  7. I wish I could send you some of this weather! I feel so selfish knowing that lots of you have so much rain.

  8. Hi Judi,
    Awesome picture! Looks really sunny and bright. I on the other hand have the opposite. Have a great day!


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