Apr 042010

While photographing our birds, this rabbit came over to see what all the Mourning Doves were eating. ┬áThis was last Monday when I finally had a chance to try out that weekend’s Friday Tip. ┬áSince I was already in my “Point of View” position.. that is lying on my stomach under the work table so that I could be at eye level… I was able to catch this bunny without him (her) skampering off as perusual.

Here are some pics of our “teenage” Mourning Doves:

  7 Responses to “Happy Easter”

  1. What a sweetie bunny. I love the call of doves in the morning or evening too! Hope your Easter was a great one!

  2. What a sweetie! Hope your Easter was a great one!

  3. What a tiny bunny! Do you know that some kids think bunnies lay eggs? I think it has to do with that Cadbury egg commercial. lol

  4. They are growing fast! As a plant person I can’t like rabbits but feel a bit sorry for them for having so many predators, a nerve wracking life one would think….

  5. Good job with the “bunny eye” view.

  6. Did the bunnies leave a trail of jelly beans? LOL…wonderful perspective and wow, your teens are growing up fast!

  7. Bless your little cotton tails, where are my eggs?

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