Aug 302010

ISO80; f/8; 1/250;88.2mm; 7:59am (Canon SX10 on tripod)

This lizard was well camouflaged, but thanks to some new tricks that I’ve learned in Aperture, I was able to reveal his natural S-Curve.

The weather has broken here… at least for a few days. ┬áIt felt so good to be out an about with the camera again.

  6 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Swirly, Curvy images”

  1. Great use of theme! This guy seems to have his eye on you, too! Well done.

  2. A very fine curvy guy, even his toes seem to curve.

  3. I really like the way the curve of the lizard follows the curve of the rock. A very cool shot!

  4. When I saw this theme, I thought, what will Judi do, I Know, she will perform her world famous Belly Dancing routine out in the Desert just for us! _ Looking at this photo though, your skin looks a tad scally to me! LOL

  5. Those creepy crawly things are part of what makes me think AZ is not the place for me to retire – but this one sure gave you a good photo op!

  6. Creative S curve….but creepy and crawly! :) Fun image for the theme! It was 95 and hot and windy here again….a cold front moving through on Wed though – really looking forward to it!

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