Jun 062010

Me and my bike.
ISO 80; F/2.8; 1/500; 7.7mm (old camera on May 9, 2010 at 7:53 am)

Self on runway.
ISO 80; F/4; 1/80; 6.8mm (new camera May 30 7:12pm)

Decided to resort to my archives… I do shoot shadows a lot.  Just not so much this weekend because it was  bit too hot (111F today)  to really go out an be creative, although I did try this morning.

These were both processed with my own Shadow Preset (darken blacks, adjust levels, darkens exposure) and then used the Blue Desert preset.

Note that one was taken in the early morning and the other in the evening… there is never a bad time for a shadow here.

  5 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Shadows (3)”

  1. I like that there is color in the shadows – really nice processing!

  2. I like the perspective of the first shot, and wow look at those legs!

  3. I wish I had those long legs, Judy! :) I love the shapes that are recognizable and really fun processing!

  4. Very naice shadow and i like the simplicity of the background

  5. I never realized that you were that TTAALLLL Judi , Part Masai I would say. LOL

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