Jun 062010

ISO 80; f4.5; 1/250;  14.2mm; tripod


ISO 80; f4.5; 1/250;  13.8mm; tripod and self-timer


ISO 80; f4.5; 1/1000;  13.8mm; tripod and self-timer


ISO 80; f5.6; 1/800;  12.3mm; tripod and self-timer

Well, I tried anyway.  Not really happy with how these turned out.  Normally, the wind blows enough to make the clothes swing out and give definition… but this morning the air was mostly dead.

But at least it entertained me while doing the laundry…

Suggestions/comments are most welcome, as usual.

  3 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Shadows (2)”

  1. They’ve got a nice, abstract quality about them.

  2. Interesting and tells a story! I love the parallel lines of laundry. The blowing clothes gives it movement as well.

  3. Even though the wind was not blowing you got some fantastic abstract shapes in those shadows…these are all really fun!!

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