Aug 102010

A Nature Shot:

ISO 80; f/5.6; 1.50; 78.2mm; 7:42am (Canon SX10) Kuhn Rd Quartzsite

An Architectural Shot:

ISO 80; f/8; 1/200; 21.7; 7:54am (Canon SX10) Main St Quartzsite

Street Photography:

ISO 80; f/5.7; 1/500; 100mm 8:03am (Canon SX10) Main St. Quartzsite

These were taken Sunday Morning during my bike ride. Can you believe that Quail? ┬áThere were literally hundreds of them , not only in the desert areas, but on the road and on people’s property.


  1. Great trio of shots! I love the quail and the sense of movement you captured. I always admire the colors in your shots and these are good examples; nicely saturated and realistic.

  2. Great job on the photowalk tip. You seem to fulfill the assignment so easily! It’s inspiring! I, too, particularly love the quail shot.

  3. I wouldn’t think Quartzite needed walk signs, a fine slice of life. I love the quail, the one and only time I saw a bunch of them together they made the coolest gossipy sounds. What is the collective noun for quail?… A nice series.

  4. I’m happy to see that the Friday Tip inspired you. That building looks like it would hold a plethora of great close-up shots – I just want to step into the picture and explore. I also really like the street shot and how the small sign with the walking figure has the arrow pointing to the gentleman walking. Kudo’s on the quail shot too – some of them were certainly checking you out.

    • Thanks, Karen. Unfortunately that building is fenced off. But I have really nice pic of a big lock that I might use for something. Glad you noticed the Walk Sign. I felt lucky to find a pedestrian at that time of day in this town at this time of year. And then to have one so swanky!

  5. I really like the house shot, Judi. I can’t believe the quail. The coyotes have just have wiped them out around here.

  6. What treasures you have found….especially the quail….quail season starts here soon too, so hopefully I will get a glimpse of some! Until then, I will enjoy your awesome image!

  7. Quail season starts Oct 2nd… so maybe the population always grows and then the hunters cut it back.

  8. Wow Judi – love all of them but love the Quail. Why were there so many? Are they still around?

  9. Bloody Trespassin Quail, whoda thunk it! Hey In Australia it is against the law to take a mobil phone call while bike riding, and You Go out snapping shots willy Nilly, you better be careful. LOL

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