Mar 142010

Because I had the office door open, which let in the beautiful sunlight, it was easy to see that the floor hadn’t been swept all week.  So I pulled out the broom and started to gather up all the dirt to sweep out the doorway.   Obviously, it was about that time that I remembered the Friday assignment!  To me sweeping is one of the more mundane tasks one can do.  Taking a picture of it, isn’t.

I crop this photo to focus on the light in the doorway.  I also created an overlay layer (at 50% opacity) and used the high-pass filter at a radius of 4 pixels.  It made a very, very subtle change in the photo.  I really think this one has to be viewed in its larger size to appreciate it.

Well, I’m back to do some more mundane tasks… lunch break is over!

  6 Responses to “Friday Assignment: Mundane Two”

  1. Sweeping is mundane but there’s something peaceful about it, too, and your photo conveys that.

  2. How simply striking, the harsh light makes such strong contrast. Nicely seen and shot!

  3. Oh, I really like your use of light in this one! Super to have the broom in shadow and the little dirt pile in the sunlight. Great!

  4. This is great! Who knew sweeping could make such a cool picture.

  5. Nice contrast between highlights and shadows and I love the hint of the broom coming from the shadows…nice perspective!

  6. wonderful job of snapping, cropping and SWEEPING!

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