Mar 132010

Since I work on the weekends (starting Friday), I usually can’t do the “Friday Assignments” until later in the week, if at all.  “Documenting the mundane,” well that’s a natural for me!

I had just finished making lunch and was washing up, when I looked down and remembered the assignment!  I took several pictures, but this is the one I like the best.  I used the automatic setting, which defaulted to the flash going off.  Then I took several more, changing the exposure, without the flash.

Here is one without the flash:

I compared the photo info with the other pics I took without the flash and noticed these differences:

With Flash            Without Flash

Shutter speed:  1/60                          1/20

Aperture:           f8.0                          f2.8

Max Aperture:   2.8                           —   (don’t know why there would be 2 apertures!)

Exposure Bias:   —                            .33

Focal:                  7.7mm                   7.7mm

ISO:                    200                          800

Of course, my next step is to learn what all this means — which is one of the goals of doing this PhotoWalk.  (Same camera as always Cannon PowerShot SD950 IS.)

For other mundane information:  This a bread knife for slicing the bread, a cheese slicer for the chunk of New York Cheddar and a spreader for the mayonnaise.  What you can’t see evidence of is the black pepper turkey, tomato and lettuce. It was a great sandwich.

  4 Responses to “FRIDAY ASSIGNMENT: Mundane One”

  1. I like the first image best, too. Just has a little more “splash” (pun intended) to it. Good job on the assignment!

  2. Val, thanks for this explanation! I know I knew this once, but you know how it is, “use it or lose it.” Even though I have no chance of buying a Digital SLR, I do hope to learn to use the features available in my Canon SD950 as best that I can and quickly, too. So, often I revert back to automatic mode when I’m in a jam so that I don’t miss a shot.

  3. You can learn a lot from your two images about the differences in shutter speed. With the flash (top image), the shutter speed was faster, so the action of the water is stopped. In the lower, with a slower speed (to let in more light), the water looks more silky. With your flash, the camera made your aperture smaller (didn’t need as much light) and it made your ISO setting (sensitivity to light) lower. It did the opposite on your no-flash photo; bigger aperture to let in more light and higher ISO speed (more sensitive).

  4. I favor the first image too, it has a nice contrast between the highlights and shadows…the second image has some blown out areas. I love seeing the examples side by side, it helps me learn too!

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