May 092010

(ISO 80 f/5.8 1/320 taken 8:30 am)

A fence is kind of an obvious “line”  but after riding my bike all over town and not finding anything that fit the assignment  — and still worthwhile to look at — I decided to go with this. Maybe, I’ll see something else on another ride or walk.

What I find interesting is that you see the line  created by this style fence even though the wooden logs are crooked.  But because they are crooked, it is more pleasing to look at it.

For post processing, I applied some burn to  the east-facing bricks because the sun made them a bit too bright, and adjusted levels.  I experimented with some of the presets but decided I liked the natural morning sun look better.

  4 Responses to “FRIDAY ASSIGNMENT: Lines”

  1. A great exercise in lines. Fabulous photo.

  2. Super lines Judi – I like how you’ve got so many – the verticle columns, the horizontal poles, the linear elements created by the bricks and even the implied line of the tops of the columns creating a horizon line. Very nice shot!

  3. A great example of lines! What an interesting fence. Your photo shows several different lines of sight. Nice job!

  4. Really nice Judy…love how the lines lead us down the fence, and what great depth!

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